• Getting Ranked at the Top of Google
  • Increasing Site Traffic
  • Increasing Sales/Revenue
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Top of Google Ranking

Content + Relevancy + Popularity = Top of Google Ranks

Have you been burned by SEO companies before? Read this personal letter from our president first.

Nine years ago, our president received basic training at a reputable SEO company in Colorado. They ranked clients on the first page of the search engines, but rarely on Google. He started Sinai Marketing and he made a pledge to master Google SEO techniques in order to help small businesses grow and be able to compete with their larger competitors that have bigger budgets.

He wasn't good at first. He destroyed the search result rankings for one of his first clients. Google banned them and he felt horrible about it. He realized he didn't know enough about Google SEO. Then, he spent the next eight years learning from the best and mastering SEO techniques and training a smart, dedicated team of experts.

We are that team.

Now, we're able to rank almost any site at the top of Google using this simple formula:

Content + Relevancy + Popularity = Top of Google Ranks

Content = the more unique text your site has and the more you update it on a regular basis, the better your site will rank on Google. (Read more.)

Relevancy (optimization) = understanding your market/keywords and making sure that Google understands your site is relevant to your keywords. (Read more.)

Popularity (link building) = how many sites are linking to your site as a reference point? The more quality links your site receives, the better you'll rank. (Read more.)

When the above is implemented, any site can rank at the top for every competitive keyword.

The results are:

1- An increase in your site's rankings within three to six months on Google Places, organic search results and Google News
2- Significant increase in targeted traffic to your site
3- Significant increase in your company's sales and revenue

And we back this up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

SEO is not right for everyone. So, fill out the form on this page so our team can look at your site and research your competition before engaging with you. If we see a possible potential, one of our sales people will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. In the consultation we will determine whether or not we are a good fit. Then we will research your market and provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an educated decision.

SEO Secrets:

Although our blog is full of solid information on best SEO practices, we have some trade secrets as well that will set our clients apart from the rest. Ask our sales rep to share some of these secrets with you.

Google is the solution to your business's success. Let the experts make you popular.