• Market Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Assessment of SEO Performance
  • Reputation Management
  • Development of an Internet Marketing Strategy

From Sinai Marketing Founder,

Understanding Internet marketing, with its ever-changing dynamics, is not an easy task.

Our team has spent the past nine years getting businesses to succeed on the Internet by getting them ranked at the top of Google search results. In the meantime, we've helped many business owners or marketing directors understand their online market, competition and how best to utilize their budget.



I've answered questions such as:

  • How well is our current SEO company performing?
  • Why did we lose rankings on Google?
  • Why doesn't our Adwords campaign bring in enough business?
  • What's the most cost-effective way to increase our site traffic and sales?
  • How long does it take for us to be the #1 player in our market?
  • How can I manage my reputation on search engines?

As a consultant, I will listen carefully to your needs and concerns. Then I will evaluate your situation and research the issues in a timely manner. At last, I provide you with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your solution(s) or the answers to your questions.

You may need 15 minutes or a few hours of consulting. So, please fill out the form above and we'll be in touch with you.


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