Enhanced SEO Services


Google Authorship in Search Results

To link all pages of your website to your Google+ profile. This enables Google to recognize you as your site's author and displays your information- including your images- in Google search results.

Reviews and Star Ratings

To add a section to your site that allows visitors to place their reviews on your site and rate your services/products using the common yellow star rating on a scale of one to five. You can then easily moderate all the reviews from the back-end of your site and approve the ones that are legitimate. Also to mark-up reviews with rich snippets in a way that Google identifies them and shows the number of reviews and the overall rating score under your listing in search results.

Facebook Page, Google+ Page and Twitter Page

To build up these social media pages for you by posting images and blog excerpts on a regular basis. To get active on these social sites and create a community of people interested in your services/products.

+1 Button, Facebook "Like" Button, Twitter Share Button

To add the social media sharing buttons to the website's pages, including the blog posts to let the visitors share this content on their social media pages.

Local Listings

To set up your website for Google+ local and other local listing sites, or fix your incorrect information on different local sites.

Video Results

To power up your site's listing on Google with videos hosted on your site.

Call Tracking

Call tracking works like this: we get a clean* phone number (either a toll-free or local number) and we place it on your site, replacing your actual phone number with this trackable number. When the visitors reach your site through natural (or organic) search results, they will see the trackable number. The actual phone number will be shown to visitors who came directly to your site or came by clicking on a pay-per-click ad or an email campaign, and not through organic search results. When someone calls the trackable phone number, it means they came from search results and this will be counted as a conversion.

The trackable phone number also gets redirected to the actual phone number. That means the recipient and the caller won't know the difference.

*A clean phone number is a number that has never been used before on any website or anywhere else. This is necessary for the results to be accurate.

Breadcrumb-like URLs in Searches

To mark the site so that it shows the URL in a breadcrumb format in its search results.