Facebook vs. Google+: Knew vs. New

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TAMPA, FLORIDA– Is comparing Facebook to Google+ like comparing apples to oranges? I say it’s more like comparing apples to apples – different varieties of apples, of course.

Both are good for communicating with patients or clients, it’s just that Google+ is better for connecting with “new” ones and learning “new” things, while Facebook is a better tool for communicating with those you already “knew.”

“Facebook = People. Facebook is the way to learn what’s going on in the lives of people you already know. Google+ = passions. Google+ enables you to pursue your passions with people you don’t know,” said Guy Kawasaki, author of “What the Plus! Google Plus for the Rest of Us.”

Why is Google+ such a good tool for making New connections and learning New things?

Having (and using) a Google+ account helps increase your rank and click-through rate and gives users the opportunity to connect with others who share their passions. If your interest is in-house SEO, there’s a circle for that. If it’s ending underage drinking, there’s a circle for that. Learning black hat SEO tricks – there may be a circle for that, but we advise you not to join that one.

Circles are the heart of the Google+ experience, but Google Hangouts is another fine tool of Google, which we use often to connect with others who share Sinai Marketing’s SEO passion, like Bonnie Hixon and Rita Zamora, as you can see in our most recent video.

I see where Google+ is good for learning new things, but what about meeting new clients or patients, you say?

Let’s say you are an SEO company. There’s nothing that says one of the Google+ members in the SEO circle you just joined won’t be impressed by your activity in that circle or a recent Google+ Hangout, and ask you to do their company’s plastic surgery marketing because they’re tired of doing their own with subpar results. Watch the following video to see how Google+ Hangout can help you connect with current clients and share your expertise with others in your circle.

We all know how important being at the top of Google search results is when it comes to being found by potential clients. Google+ not only improves your click – through rate with an authorship image and additional links, but also has the ability to drastically improve your rank. Just check out this experiment where Google+ users were able to increase their rank from 16 to six using Google+ metrics alone.

Although you can increase your rank and gain new clients, connections and valuable information with Google+, Facebook is still as valuable as ever for connecting with people you know.

“Facebook is the connection between the practice, patients and community,” says our CEO Ali Husayni. “You could say it’s the human side of your business. It also doesn’t hurt that Facebook remains quite popular as a social networking site.”

Facebook allows a business to connect and interact with their patients and the friends of their patients on a personal level through sharing.

An example of Rita Zamora’s, which I feel displays this effect nicely, is when one of her clients hosted a movie night for their patients. In response to the event, patients posted things like “That was a great movie night. We loved it.” In the end, not only patients, but also friends of patients had commented on the Facebook page and created an important and lasting impression on the practice’s wall, according to Zamora.

Of course, for this to work, a business has to get their clients and patients to visit or like their page. Again, Zamora offers this great advice to business owners: “For example, if it’s at a dental practice, ask the patient as they’re leaving ‘how did we do today?’ When they say, ‘Everything was great. We love you guys’, it’s a great opportunity to tell them you have a Facebook page and it would really make their doctor’s/hygienist’s day if they left a comment for him or her there,” says Zamora.

This is a very important aspect of connecting with others as a business. Many of your patients or clients will not think to go beyond giving you a verbal compliment and conduct a Facebook search to leave you an additional comment without a nudge. I myself experienced this with the baker of my wedding cake. It was an amazing cake and I thanked and praised her work in person, but until I received a letter in the mail from her telling me what a pleasure it was to work with me and if I was happy with her work it would mean a great deal to have a comment from me on her page, the thought never crossed my mind to comment on her business’s Facebook page. I fulfilled her request that very day.

“If you are providing your clients with quality service, the odds are that they’ll be more than willing to sing your praises via a comment to your business’s Facebook page,” says Husayni.

What’s nice about these comments is that they create – like Zamora said – a lasting testament to the quality of service a business or practice provides that will be seen by all who visit the page.

As you can see, we aren’t quite ready to crown either network king in the realm of SEO, as we can’t deny the usefulness of both in the quest to gain rank, clients and connections. But if we change our minds, you’ll be the first to find out. We wish you the best in your content SEO ventures and as always, we’ll continue to keep you “in the know” when it comes to SEO.

  1. March 4th, 2013 at 03:48 | #1

    Thats a very good approach … the way you framed the sentences had great sense in it. Right from the title to the end of the article .. really Great read !!

  2. behzad
    March 5th, 2013 at 01:36 | #2

    I don’t know why but I don’t really like to work with my Google+. Maybe it’s design or the way that a lots of strange people add you to their circles.

  3. March 5th, 2013 at 14:44 | #3

    Nice post, G+ is only effective when is comes to backlinks. Facebook is still good with traffic :)

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