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Dr. Miller Orthodontics SEO - Dr. Jennifer Lorrie Walker Video - SEO Copy Writer

Dr. Alquizar (Orthodontist)

From Millionairium efforts:

  • 30 unique leads on avg. monthly
  • 10 -12 patients avg. monthly
  • Roughly $50K in revenue monthly

Dr. Miller (Plastic Surgeon)

From Millionairium efforts:

  • 100 unique leads on avg. monthly
  • 20 - 25 new patients avg. monthly
  • Roughly $100K in revenue monthly

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Orthodontist SEO Case Study

New patient exams from the Internet were up 500% within the first year, with new patient revenue from the internet case start-ups increasing more than 400% within the same time period.

Peter Eisenhuth
Software SEO Case Study

Ali Husayni and his team at Master Google have proven their worth to us at Mavenlive.com. We sell a SaaS physical therapy solution that provides exercise prescription software and physical therapy documentation software.

Dr. Jay Winburn
Lawyer SEO Case Study

I was in court today with a client who found us by doing a Google search. He asked me what percentage of business we get from the Internet, and I told him that about half of our clients find us online.

John Griffith